When deleting resources, you can choose between different levels of friction.

With one-click delete, users can quickly delete low-risk, non-critical resources that are easy to recreate. The deletion is executed immediately once invoked by users. This type of deletion does not use confirmation or friction.

Delete with simple confirmation is used for single resource or bulk deletions that are not likely to break users’ running infrastructure, but are still being performed on resources that cannot be quickly recreated. Use a modal to ask users to confirm that they wish to proceed with the deletion.

Delete with additional confirmation is used when deleting a resource could have serious, irreversible or cascading consequences. It requires users to add written confirmation before they can initiate the deletion. Used for single resource or bulk deletions.

Flow charts


One-click deleteDelete with simple confirmationDelete with additional confirmation
SeverityNo effect on running infrastructureResource is running, but will not impact other infrastructureResource is running, and deleting it might break other infrastructure
Number of resources deletedSingle resourceSingle non-critical resource, bulk deletion of multiple non-critical resourcesSingle, critical resource, bulk deletion of multiple critical resources, deleting a resource together with related resources
Cost of recreationLowModerate/high High
Prerequisites No actions need to be taken prior to deletion No actions need to be taken prior to deletionMight require deactivating related resources during the deletion process
FeedbackItem is instantly removed from the page. No alert needed.Flashbar/spinnerFlashbar/spinner


How severe are the consequences of deleting the resource? If your resource is running, can deleting it cause a downtime or outage? Does deleting the resource impact other resources and infrastructure? Use one-click delete only for resources that aren’t running and have no affect on running infrastructure. In all other cases, use a simple confirmation or additional confirmation modal.

Cost of recreation

Cost refers to the expense of recreating the resource, as well the time and effort to recreate it. How costly is it to recreate the resource if it’s unintentionally deleted? Even if the create form is relatively short and it doesn’t take much effort to recreate the resource, the cost can still be high if the resource takes hours on the backend to spin up.

Use one-click delete only for resources that can be recreated with minimal effort and time. In all other cases, use a simple confirmation or additional confirmation modal.


Can the resource be deleted immediately, or do other actions need to be taken first? Are there steps that users should take prior to deletion to prevent data loss or recover from a deletion in the future?

Use the modal to communicate prerequisites and recommend best practices. For example, when the user must first deactivate a resource before deleting it, or to create a snapshot to quickly restore the resource using the same configurations. Only use one-click delete when there are no prerequisite actions or applicable best practices that must be taken prior to deletion.