Integrate with the system

Image for Installing packagesImage for Installing packages

To use Cloudscape components, first install a set of packages.


Our tested React components are an implementation of our design patterns and guidelines.

Explore the system


Use our design patterns as a base for common design solutions, to easily maintain consistency.


Get a sense of how the system looks from our coded demo pages.

Check out additional documentation

Design tokens provide a way for you to create product-specific experiences and custom components in a way that is on-brand and visual mode compliant.

Use our test utility classes to access specific information inside each component.

Use the Cloudscape collection hooks package to handle data operations in collection components.

Visual modes are used to optimize the user interface based on environmental conditions and user preferences. Cloudscape supports light and dark modes.

Learn how to use React hooks to manage the state of our Table, Card, Textfilter and Pagination components. state of Cloudscape components.

Responsive development requirements and best practices for building responsive interfaces.